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The Golden Chatbot Formula For Product Launches Uncovered

Are you sure you are focusing on the right things when designing a product launch or sale via messenger campaigns?

Most likely not.  There I said it… 🙊
And that is why I invited, Raymond Johnston head of client performance at Right Hook Digital to join us for a “Botfather Geek Out Session”.

Why Ray?
Because Ray has spent over a million dollars on successful product launches and sales campaigns via messenger.

Trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss this session as Ray, will reveal the “Golden chatbot formula for product launches“.
A proven formula build upon a $1 million spent on successful product launches and sales campaigns.

Make sure to watch the replay below if you want to learn more about:

🥊 The psychology behind this successful 7 figure chatbot funnel
🥊 The staged logic of the messenger flows and sequences
🥊 How to attribute sales to the messenger funnels
🥊 The exact strategies to keep your list engaged and ready to buy
🥊 Why you should embrace an omnichannel approach

Resources available for download:

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Rutger Thole

Published on 20.05.2020

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